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Burger Vans - Wholesale Food Supplies

We supply wholesale food to Burger Vans throughout the North of England. As a Burger Van owner or manager here are some of our product types that you may be interested in:

Relevant Product Groups

Frozen Sausage
Sliced Meat
Canned Vegetable
Canned Meat
Condiments, Sauces,
Grated Cheese

Best Sellers

Top 20 best-selling products for Burger Vans during April 2015

1. Select Back Bacon (2.268kg)
2. Supertrim Back Bacon (2kg)
3. Blue Label Back Bacon (2.268kg)
4. Premier Back Bacon (2.268kg)
5. Sliced Ham (500g)
6. Luncheon Meat (1.81kg)
7. Grated Coloured Cheddar (1kg)
8. Chopped Tomatoes (2.55kg)
9. Baked Beans (2.62kg)
10. (1 Litre) 'Crucial' Mayonnaise
11. Flavours Beefburgers (48x113g)
12. Hannahs Blue 8's Premium Sausage (4.54kg)
13. Tuna Chunks In Brine (1.88kg)
14. Blakemans 8's Sausage (4.54kg)
15. Sliced Topside Beef (500g)
16. Showtime Burgers (48x113g)
17. Marinated Chicken Tikka (1kg)
18. Cater Pack Sliced Wiltshire Gammon (1kg)
19. Cater Pack Sliced Festive Ham (1kg)
20. Heinz Baked Beans (2.62kg)